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Why is steaming more and more popular?

The competition in the modern society is getting bigger and bigger, and the pressure is getting bigger and bigger. With it, our body is getting worse. How to ensure the health of themselves and their families in this increasingly deteriorating society has become the topic of most concern today. Therefore, Paul Pierze believes that the fifth wave of wealth is the health industry.

The "sweat steaming" project has become popular. Khan steam originated in Korea, the earliest only as a treatment for rickets. With the development of society, sweating has also changed. From the earliest steam of yellow mud to steaming of the current tourmaline (tourmaline). Why does steaming get the recognition and support of many consumers? What miraculous effect does it have? Here are some of the consumer's personal experiences.

Steaming effect:

1, cosmetic effect: The most significant point is to whiten the skin, change the skin texture, enhance skin elasticity, anti-aging, especially the lady is most obvious, after steaming several times will make the skin smooth and delicate;

2, weight loss effect: Excess body fat, metabolism off too much heat. Eliminate fat, restore slim and fit body;

3, detoxification effect: discharge of sweat and toxins accumulated in the body, acne, acne, stains, constipation have a significant effect;

4. Anxiety effect: The natural negative ions sustained by tourmaline can completely relax the body, relieve tension and relieve stress, and have a calming and tranquilizing effect;

5, to improve microcirculation: to accelerate blood circulation in the body, open the pores, purify the body environment, completely discharge the body dirt, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, triglycerides;

6, to strengthen the respiratory system function: to strengthen the trachea, bronchus and lung function, the desensitization, discharge a good role;

7, relieve joint pain: far-infrared penetration of muscle deep joints, so that the body's internal temperature increases, relax muscles, micro-vascular network to promote the exchange of oxygen and nutrients, and eliminate accumulated body fatigue substances and lactic acid and other aging waste. It is effective in eliminating internal swelling and soothing soreness;

8, to strengthen liver function: The liver is the largest chemical factory in the body, is a blood purifier. The deep heat effect caused by far-infrared radiation can activate cells, increase tissue regeneration capacity, promote cell growth, strengthen liver function, increase liver detoxification and detoxification, and keep the internal organs in good condition. It can be said that it is the best disease prevention. strategy;

9, regulate autonomic nerves: Autonomic nerves mainly regulate the function of internal organs. People are in an anxious state for a long time, and the nervous system continues to be tense, which can lead to reduced immunity, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and cold limbs. Far-infrared adjustable autonomic nerves are kept in the best condition, so that the above symptoms can be improved or eliminated;

10, anti-inflammatory, swelling: far-infrared thermal effects, so that the release of blood-active substances, blood vessels expand, active metabolism, improve the state of the blood supply oxygen in the lesion area, strengthen cell regeneration, control the development of inflammation, strengthen disease repair, accelerate Absorption of exudates, which eliminates inflammation and edema.

Seeing these effects, we can easily see the future of steaming. Therefore, steaming will become more and more popular! Steamed once a week, conditioning the body, so that we always stay healthy to live!



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