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Zhejiang HealthyStar Technology Co.,Ltd
TEL: 86-579-87702555
FAX: 86-579-87661688
Address: Tongqin Industry Zone,Wuyi County,Jinhua City,Zhejiang,China
Email: sales@cnsauna.com

Website: https://www.cnsauna.com

Note:Please provide us with the following information in order to process your enquiry as quickly as possible.Please include the following:Name of your company,Name of the person to contact,Tel Number And Address. Without this information it will be difficult to process your enquiry quickly and we may not be able to reply to your E-mail Ontime.
The following are our office opening hours(Beijing time varies.GMT+8:00)
A.M. 8:00---12:00
P.M. 13:00---17:00
From Monday to Saturday.

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HealthyStar Technology Co., Ltd

Tel: 86-579-87702555

Website: https://www.cnsauna.com/

E-mail: sales@cnsauna.com

Address: Tongqin Industry Zone, Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang, China