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Steam room technology reaches new heights

Sweat steam listings in North Korea, is currently a major feature of South Korea, and now steaming rooms in our domestic development in recent years, although steaming in our country is not too popular, but the development of recent years is still OK There are tens of thousands of installations each year. In our domestic steaming room manufacturers, there are only a few hundred, scattered throughout the country, but there are few in every city, and it is also an unpopular industry, where material costs are relatively expensive. The production process is cumbersome, the technological process is relatively strict, the cost is relatively high, and the profit is particularly low. Therefore, the number of people doing this industry is relatively small, and it can be said that it is a difficult industry to make money.

Steam room has been introduced into our country by South Korea. After a lot of technical improvements, because after all, each country's people have different physique, different physical conditions, different temperature and different living habits, many places need repairs to meet our domestic people. The use of sweat steaming rooms in this industry countries is very strict on quality supervision, such as excessive formaldehyde, high temperature, material quality, etc., 2019 Shanghai sauna exhibition, many manufacturers exhibited, the results of monitoring sweat steaming room use The bead curtain exceeded the standard of formaldehyde seriously. In the second half of 2019, a technical improvement was taken to eliminate the bead curtain wall decoration configuration. Far infrared carbon ink plates were added to the tourmaline, which is the new standard for the new steaming room. Monitoring formaldehyde is 0, its plate thickness is 12MM, the material is Finland white pine, Canada imported iron cedar, Canada imported Cedar are three kinds of material is the most suitable for the main material of the steaming room, imported materials, moderate hardness, structure Strong sex, is the preferred material of the steaming room structure, stone backrest selection 1250 mesh tourmaline powder made of tourmaline tablets, Note: tourmaline is more Natural mineral pigment, tourmaline main components are magnesium, aluminum, iron, boron and other 10 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body's own long-term generating ions, and permanent release of negative air ions and far infrared.

Steam room has been spread all over the country in our country. It is technically launched every year. The new steam room technology has reached a new height. It is technically mature and its configuration and degree of innovation have been It can be used for home use. The installation size of steaming room is not fixed, can be customized according to the size of family, and can be installed without water. In the near future, the steaming industry will be popular all over the country, so that each family can Steam the sauna at home so that every family is healthy. Health begins with steaming. Thanks to family members, healthy seasons, sweating, steaming, and steaming.



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