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Sauna knowledge

Q: How did the sauna come from?

A: The Saunas originated from the ancient Finnish tribes. Thousands of years ago, they had not yet migrated from Eastern Europe to their current land. The sauna customs had been formed among the tribes. At first it was a man who worked hard all day. At night, he unearthed in a hut. Pits, pits use fire to heat the stone, and then sprinkle water on it to produce a lot of steam, its moist heat can relax the stiff muscles due to exertion, this habit has gradually become an indispensable lifestyle for every household...

Q: What are the different characteristics of the sauna board?

A: Currently, the boards used in Sauna Rooms mainly include the following types:

1. Cedar

Cedarwood is known abroad as red cedar or red cedar, imported from Canada, and does not require keel connections in the middle to save space. Natural antiseptic and natural scent are the best in the sauna (color difference, slightly tree section).

2, Bai Song

Finnish or European imports of wood, in foreign countries it is also known as spruce, natural tree festival, strong texture, simple and natural style.

3, no loose pine sauna board

The use of Russian high-quality wood to carefully select the tree-free sections as a processing raw material, the appearance of natural, clean, giving a sense of impeccable.

4, Kou Song section sauna board

The use of high-quality Russian wood, natural tree section, beautiful and generous. Due to the relatively large production volume of Hamamatsu in Russia, the price is relatively low and it is suitable for middle and low-end consumption.

5, Hemlock Sauna Board

Canadian hemlock, fine wood grain. The price is high, (a bit hardwood feeling).

6, fir sauna board

Most of the southern parts of our country have a fast growth period and high yields. Therefore, the prices in the market are the lowest and the appearance is not ideal. (Currently only the low-end sauna is in use.)

Q: How long is the service life of the sauna?

A: The service life of the sauna is still very long. The sauna installed by Guworder must go through several steps to complete the work. From the initial measurement to the elaborate design and the professional construction, the service life of the Sauna Room is greatly improved. The sauna that we have ordered for you, although it has only one year warranty, its life span can be almost the same as your home, unless you have other ideas or it will not leave you. If you are well maintained, your lifespan will be at least 10-20 years. You can still use it after 20 years. However, over time, it may look old and quaint.

Q: Is electricity available for our home? I heard that the sauna is very power-consuming?

A: Currently, the existing power supply system is sufficient. Guwoode's minimum power sauna heater is only 2300w and the power of an induction cooker is the same. It only uses 2 kWh of electricity in one hour, which means that only 1 yuan is charged for each sauna. The electricity bill is enough (Beijing's current electricity price is about 0.5 yuan for civil use) so don't worry about it, whether you live in a flat or a building.

In general, the family sauna does not require a powerful sauna heater. A 3kw sauna heater can match approximately 4.5 cubic meters of sauna. For example, 3kw is sufficient for a 2.0x1.1x2.0m 4 cubic meter. If you have a bigger one, 3.5kw is enough, and the power of the average family can handle it, so you don't have to worry about electricity.

Q: What role does sauna stone play? Can I use ordinary stones instead?

A: The sauna stone can not be replaced by ordinary stone. The sauna stone is a sauna stove essential product made from natural volcanic rock after the volcanic eruption. The quality of the sauna stone directly affects the effect of the sauna. A good sauna stone must meet the following criteria:

1) Contains minerals beneficial to the human body.

2) Absorb heat well.

3) High temperature resistance and long service life.

The average sauna stone is easily blown open under high temperature and will hear continuous buzzing. While professional sauna stones are also sounding, there are few. Put the sauna stone into the sauna grate and heat the stone through the electric wire to provide you with a steady stream of heat. As you pour a spoonful of water, natural mineral gas will be emitted to provide the sauna with temperature and humidity. If there is no stone, the water will pour on the sauna heater and emit an unpleasant smell. The service life of sauna stone is more than 10 years in the home, more than 10 years in the hotel, more than 5 years in the club, and a bathing center for about one year. The use time of the bath center is 18 hours per day, while the family and hotels count as more than 2 hours per day. It is no problem if you use it for more than 10 years. If you do use more, then nothing will happen because the sauna stone is on the market. The price will not be very high, generally between 100-300 yuan. If you use it for a long time, it will become loose. If you use it for 10 years or so, you will pick it up and force it to go. It will crack, and you should change the sauna stone.

Q: What is the difference between steaming and Traditional Sauna (dry steaming)? Which is better?

A: Khan steaming and dry steaming are two different ways of sauna. The sauna gives a more intuitive feeling. It means that entering a sauna house will allow you to feel the intense heat and make you feel the instant conditioned reflex. When you sit in the chair, your body is fully relaxed. The tension and stress at work disappear immediately and it is the joy of the whole body.

Sweat steam is a kind of casual type of sauna. When you enter the steaming room, there is no high temperature of the sauna, but it is the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Sweat is low temperature and perspiration, which is more suitable for the family, men, women and children. If the room is large enough, the whole family chats, drinks, and drinks in a steaming room. If you like a quiet atmosphere, you can read books, listen to music, relax, and unconsciously expel toxins from the body.

After steaming, it is best not to take a bath. Because steaming and sauna are not the same. During the process of steaming, the temperature and functional materials of the steaming room can stimulate the movement of the cells in the body. The fat sweat is not odor. After sweating, the skin will be particularly smooth. After steaming, the pores are in a state of expansion. The cells in the body are also in a state of repair by sweating. If the pores of the shower water contract immediately after being exposed to water, the cell repair stops affecting the effects of beauty after sweating.

After the sauna can take a bath, but it is best to take a proper rest for a while, the most important thing is to adjust the temperature of the water, too cold will make the sweat glands closed, the body heat is not easy to spread, easy to catch cold, too hot or sauna will accelerate sweat glands Perspiration, it is easy to cause dehydration, collapse, so it is best to take a bath in the sauna for a while, and choose warm water close to or slightly higher than the body temperature.

The difference between sauna and steaming is likened to a sports car and a comfortable car. The sauna brings you the feeling of strong and speed. The steaming is the kind of comfortable feeling.



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