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How to choose a family sauna room?

In recent years, Sauna Room technology continues to innovate, choose Home Sauna room to pay attention to the actual manufacturers of technology, performance, cost-effective, etc., but also to consider the next few years Khan steam room and related technology and equipment updates to prevent research is not thorough, buy Home can not meet the immediate needs of family members.

First, choose according to safety and convenience

1, security factors. The first is the formaldehyde content, and the second is whether there is excessive radiation. After a period of time (10 to 20 minutes) in the steaming room, the tester is on.

2, electrical must use double protection system. To ensure personal safety, the use of leakage protection, overheating protection double security. Whether there is a domestic electronic test export foreign trade, whether there is a report of the United States ETL (United States Electronic Test Laboratory).

Khan steam room general power is 1000 watts to 1500 watts. Under such loads, but also at home. Naturally, we must consider the quality of electric wires and prevent fires. The following is a comparison of the two wires. It must be a rough choice.

3, the control panel is easy to use, whether there are timing functions. People don't feel bored when they are steaming. It is best to install an oxygen bar in a household steaming room. The oxygen bar is a special device that can produce negative ions and increase oxygen. It allows people to breathe more smoothly, as if breathing fresh air in a hundred acres of forest.

Second, according to the choice of manufacturing process

Good sweat steam room is selected far infrared ultra-thin large area carbon crystal heating plate, how to determine the quality of carbon crystal plate? Directly on the caliper. Electric double protection system is used to ensure personal safety. Leakage protection must be used. Overheat protection, controller can use imported CPLD integrated circuit, small temperature difference, good stability, no analog circuit, LCD control system, CE/ ETL safety certified wire, flame retardant, temperature resistance, use of metal hose, waterproof, flame retardant features. Door hinges and nails must be made of stainless steel, which will not rust and become firmer.

Third, according to the choice of construction timber

Our common household steaming rooms are divided into two types: Canadian Tijusia and Canadian Red Cedar (fragrant fir), both of which are especially suitable for making household steaming rooms with stable performance and clear and beautiful wood grain. Iron fir tends to be decorated with Chinese style and pastoral style. There are very few stumps on the wooden shirt, and the white wood is fragrant, which is very popular with environmentalists.

Red cedar is a high-quality furniture material with a natural wood aroma. It has many beneficial effects on the human body. The wood alcohol contained in red cedar can kill bacteria in the air, inhibit human pathogens, and can also treat various skin types. Inflammation has an inhibitory effect on the human body to eliminate fatigue, relieve stress and have a health effect.

Fourth, choose according to authoritative guarantee

1, environmental performance

Everyone now pays attention to environmental protection, and steaming rooms are no exception. Excessive formaldehyde is harmful to the body. When purchasing a steaming room, it must be carefully checked whether there is an RHOS certificate or a formaldehyde test report.

2, the company situation

Looking at how a company's operations are performed, the regular large companies producing home steaming rooms all have their own factories and technical standards. They all passed the ISO quality management certification system, and the national quality and technical supervision department's monitoring report passed ISO9000 quality. Certification, if the product exports must also pass the European Union CE certification, the United States ETL certification.

Whether the brand has a quality certificate issued by the National Quality Supervision Bureau, whether the product has been advertised on a large platform, and finally whether there is an insurance company underwriting.

3, after-sale protection

The factory will not be responsible for any damage caused during the transportation. Regular large manufacturers' products are generally guaranteed for 10 years and will be responsible for your on-site installation, commissioning, and will only ask you to pay after the product is fully satisfied with you. And any problems arising during the use of the product will give you a free solution, so that you buy is safe, buy is assured.

Therefore, We advises you: If you want to purchase a practical household steaming room, you need to understand the safety and convenience of home steaming rooms, production processes, building materials, authoritative protection, brand manufacturers and other aspects. It is best to use big brands, reliable and assured.

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