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Dry sauna room working principle and configuration and use method

Dry Sauna Room works:

After the electricity is supplied to the dry Sauna Room, the helium carbon and tourmaline elements contained in the heating plate installed therein are excited by the electrical energy to a certain temperature to generate an energy source with different wavelengths. The wavelength range and intensity range exactly match those of the human body. The electromagnetic waves released by itself are consistent and selectively absorbed by the body's deep organs! In order to promote the disintegration of human dead cell disease dimer, etc., to enhance the body's own regulation mechanism and immunity!

Dry sauna room configuration:

1: Sauna lights/reading lights: There is a certain requirement for moisture-proof and explosion-proof. Some sauna projects will also have lamp shades.

2: Ventilation window: requires a reasonable design, taking into account the use of comfort.

3: Dry sauna door: It requires moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. For the inlaid glass part, the explosion-proof requirement is high.

4: thermometer, timer, hourglass, etc.: quality is better, place a clear position, play a reminder.

5: player, oxygen bar, etc.: increase the use of comfort, you can choose to configure.

For people:

There have been a number of miraculous cases in the experience rooms that have been built across the country.

1, improve the human body's survival temperature, prevent premature aging, lack of energy sub-health population

2. Post-illness rehabilitation, postpartum rehabilitation, stressful mental workers, and physical exhaustion workers

3, beauty skin shaping, weight loss, breast enhancement breast milk, improve facial microcirculation, antibacterial beauty

4, normal people can also steam, improve the internal circulation, promote metabolism, keep young


1, first close the dry steam room power gate,

2. The geothermal thermostat system is generally set up without manual start and the system automatically senses.

3. Unscrew the temperature control key of the heating system of the dry steam room and see the temperature control display. The temperature difference should be kept between 38-43 degrees.

4, room temperature up to about 38 °C, you can enter the room dry steam;

5, dry sauna room temperature at 38 °C -43 °C is the best;

6, dry steaming time is generally 40-60 minutes.

Dry sauna room effect:

1: increase the body's basal metabolism, lower blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, increase exercise endurance;

2: Antibacterial, promote body repair and regeneration;

3: Improve the acidity and treatment of urban sub-health status, has a good effect on sleep and neurasthenia.

4: Antibacterial, promote body repair and regeneration.

5: Change the skin texture, enhance skin elasticity, and delay aging.

6: Improve acidity and sub-health status.

7: It has the effect of body shaping.

8: The most significant point is to whiten the skin, change the skin texture, enhance skin elasticity, and delay aging. Women, especially women, are the most obvious. After several times of steaming, they will make the skin smooth and delicate;

9: It has the effect of eliminating fat, reducing fat, whitening skin, and repairing body shape. It also has a significant effect on weight loss.

10: The natural negative ion sustained release by tourmaline can completely relax the body, relieve tension and relieve stress, and has a calming and tranquilizing effect;

11: Accelerate blood circulation in the body, open pores, open up the internal environment, and completely remove body contaminants;

12: Activate the body's dormant cells, enhance human immunity and promote wound healing;

13: Strengthen the function of the trachea, bronchus and lungs, and have a good effect on desensitization and drainage.

14: Eliminating sweat and toxins accumulated in the body can relieve arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms

Dry sauna room function:

1: release 0.06mA of micro-current, regulate cell bioelectricity, supplement and balance human bioelectricity;

2: Form an eternal energy field and effectively block the invasion of harmful radiation such as electromagnetic waves and water pulse waves on the human body;

3: contains a variety of minerals to effectively regulate the balance of human nutrition;

4: Based on activated cells and based on "regulation", comprehensive regulation, with the role of disease prevention and adjuvant therapy

5: release far-infrared rays, clear the meridians, improve the human blood circulation system and microcirculation system;

6: release negative oxygen ions, fight free radicals, activate cells, purify blood, and balance human pH;


1: Before dry steaming, please remove the makeup first, do not frequent in the process of dry steaming, drink plenty of warm water. After 10-24 hours of experience, the cells are in the process of renewing and improving their health. Do not drink cold foods and direct contact with cold water. Do not shower. Dry them with a towel.

2: The first 15 minutes should be the right amount of activity, adjust the breath and do deep breaths repeatedly, after half an hour, you can lie down or sit, and you should maintain a good state of mind during your experience and be physically relaxed. If you are unbearable, you can leave the lounge and relax until the symptoms have disappeared. After entering the room or consulting with the relevant staff, it is normal for you to continue sweating after experiencing the experience. You should gradually close your pores.

3: Before steaming, pay attention to defecation.

4: Dry steaming should not be performed immediately after a meal or after drinking alcohol;

5: It is most suitable for dry steaming 45-60 minutes each time, and can also be adjusted according to individual's own tolerance;

6: After 4 hours of dry steaming, it is not suitable for showering. After drying, the body should be wiped with a towel and smoking should not be allowed within 2 hours. Do not eat cold foods;

7: If you feel dizziness and discomfort after using the dry steam room, you should stop using it immediately, or take a rest and dry it again.



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