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Steaming regardless of age, you are worth having

Steaming regardless of age, regardless of gender. Young people also need steaming and detoxification, especially in adolescent children, because the levels of androgens, especially testosterone, rise rapidly in the body, promoting the development of sebaceous glands and producing large amounts of sebum. At the same time, the abnormal keratinization of the hair follicle sebaceous ducts leads to the blockage of the catheters, the disorder of the sebum, and the formation of keratin plugs, ie micropimples. Many kinds of micro-organisms in the hair follicles, especially Propionibacterium acnes, multiply, and the lipase produced by Propionibacterium acnes breaks down the sebum to produce free fatty acids, chematizes inflammatory cells and mediators, and ultimately induces and aggravates the inflammatory response.

Acne and acne, we almost everyone has been “visited” by it. Someone is fortunate that after adolescence acne gradually disappeared, but some people's acne has not only not disappeared, but has become more and more serious, then, to do steaming Acne is good? Xiao Bian summed up some of the information. Let's take a look and hope to help you.

Sweat, remove detox, dehumidify

Khan steaming can be anti-acne, detoxification, in addition to moisture, the principle is that the steaming room will produce far-infrared heat after heating, far-infrared is the hot line, so there are many friends to sweat steaming room after sweating, there will be body heat, the reason is Far-infrared rays work, then the beginning of a hot stream, the blood fat will melt when exposed to heat, so far infrared can dissolve blood lipids, purify the blood, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, more original article search, steaming little helper, timely garbage And toxins are excreted. Long-term steaming can expel toxic gases from the body. After a long time, the gas in the body is not there, and the body's internal organs will flow smoothly. The human body will not go wrong.

The negative ions and far-infrared rays in the steaming room can be fully absorbed by the body, promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, fully perspire, smooth capillaries, improve skin permeability, and bring about a series of physiological changes that are conducive to cleansing. At the same time sweating through sweat, you can deep detoxification, a long time, and slowly disappeared in the smallpox innocence, but also your health and beauty and life.



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