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Traditional Corner Sauna R004GC

Model: JX-R004GC
Name: Traditional Corner Sauna
Size: 2000*1170*1170*2000mm
Capacity: 6-8 Person
Voltage: 110-220V
Rated Power: 8000W
Heater: Sauna Stove

Wood Material: Pine/Hemlock/Red Cedar

Control System: Computer Control System

Product Size: 2000*1700*1700*2000mm(Customized Size Acceptable)

1. Computer control panel 

2. FM radio + USB mp3 player and Charging

3. Bluetooth for music

4. 2Pcs Speaker

5. Sauna Stove

6. Colored Star lights + Culture Stone + Colored LED Light Belt On Top and Backrest

7. Operation temperature/hour: 18-99ºC/1-99minutes 

8. Voltage: 110-220V

9. Oxygen lonizer(option)

10. Tourmaline stone(option)

11. Mobile app control system(option)



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